the wilderness of consciousness

I awoke at 6am and got up with our son, but then my husband let me go back to bed. I recited, “Now I’m out of body” three times and let myself drift to sleep.

In dreams, I became aware I was dreaming when I discovered I was on an impossible rollercoaster of maddening proportions extremely high in the sky. What a ride!!

I brought my awareness to my sleeping body and lifted out of it effortlessly. I floated to the mirror and peered at my aging, make-up-less face and noticed its plainness. Its flaws. And I didn’t mind.

I said, with great sincerity into the mirror, “What do I need to heal?” referring to the neurological things still going on.


Instantly I shifted to our backyard and hovered down to the ground to a patch of clover. I sat on the grass and ran my fingers through the…

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