I Dreamt I was mugged outside Tesco: It taught me things, I think.

¡Hola! Carlos

 Last night, I dreamt…


Dali’s ‘Sleep’ (1937)

In a flash, I was mugged for exactly £50, I immediately find out his name from an envelope which he handed to me,I then vow that I was going to report the wastrel. Shortly after, a comet falls and annihilates the entire planet; Death Star style. Rendering the whole affair completely pointless.

Somehow, within this great mysterious, subconscious television show of my dreams, this plot unfolds and seeks to have me questioning things and naval gazing my way towards writing this blog post, which you are now not reading.

Awaking at 5am, staving off the Gin Tremens; it feels powerful, An affirmation that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Does the mugger represent life itself? Death as a cosmic yob? If it functions to remind us of the stride and shuffle of our existence, then it also functions to let us know that…

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