A vivid dream

Fox Bipolar Journal

July 10/16

I woke up this morning after having the strangest dream. I dreamt that I was sitting in a coffee shop with Caleb, and we were talking about my life right now as if we were best friends again. I woke up thinking it was real, as real as life itself. It seriously has freaked me out, I’m not sure if it’s just an insane dream or a sign of some kind.

Sometimes I sort of miss us, miss being able to talk to him about everything, miss being that close as friends. It’s weird because I loved him so much and he stabbed me in the back. I never understood why he did that to me and now continues to follow  what I do on Facebook… I don’t see the point, it’s been three years, we don’t speak to one another and it’s sort of disappointing at the…

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