Je Ne Sais Pas

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File:Mr pipo Learning and forgetting.svg Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night my sleep and dreams got interrupted several times, I remember getting too hot because of the heaters, and so that disturbed my sleep and dreams until I was able to cool down enough to go back to sleep.

I was possibly awakened at least once by someone because they said that I was snoring, and I woke up to use the bathroom during the night at least once.

These combined interruptions and going to bed late led to me forgetting most of my dreams from last night.

At this time the only thing that I can remember of my dreams is there was maybe something involving a woman, and that I remember hearing the song Je Ne Sais Pas by the musician Dumas from the album Le Cours Des Jours.

I remember hearing the female voice singing the chorus:

Oui, mais moi

Je n’sais…

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