I’ve been dreaming a whole lot and last night reached a new level of weird 

Puss Goes Loco

At one point I woke up thinking my entire relationship was some kind of sick joke and everyone was in on it.

Basically (from what I can remember) we moved house and everything was hunky dory. I was having lots of pot brownies.

Then all of a sudden everything went wrong and Pete broke up with me because it was just some kind of joke. For 3 years. And he had been seeing someone else.

That’s when the trajectory of this dream got weird. I’m not sure if I woke up slightly and was cross and fell back asleep or what.

Then I had to sacrifice this girl to some kind of god. It was a her or me situation. It was kind of like “playtime is over bitch”.

My family, the people in town, the police and Pete were after me.

Well, Pete was almost talking to me again…

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