I’ve been dreaming a whole lot and last night reached a new level of weird 

Puss Goes Loco

At one point I woke up thinking my entire relationship was some kind of sick joke and everyone was in on it.

Basically (from what I can remember) we moved house and everything was hunky dory. I was having lots of pot brownies.

Then all of a sudden everything went wrong and Pete broke up with me because it was just some kind of joke. For 3 years. And he had been seeing someone else.

That’s when the trajectory of this dream got weird. I’m not sure if I woke up slightly and was cross and fell back asleep or what.

Then I had to sacrifice this girl to some kind of god. It was a her or me situation. It was kind of like “playtime is over bitch”.

My family, the people in town, the police and Pete were after me.

Well, Pete was almost talking to me again…

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Can’t wake up

ASnowpasta Chronicles

Can’t wake up.

Can’t slow down.

My mind is a child’s toy top.

Spinning wild around and around.

A maze of ivy and barbed wire is all I see.

I swear to god those voices are fucking killing me!

The grimy smiles and sickly eyes…

I hate them all.

They all mock me as they laugh!

They laugh as I run around hopelessly.

Circles and circles around I go.

I cannot see anything that’s a sure sign of me getting out.

Large shrouded figures chase me with glee.

They tip toe and toe, dancing around one another.

Dancing around one another to get me.

They have no true faces under their primitive pig and ram masks.

I’ve now reached a dead end which leads to an endless dark tunnel.

There’s no way out, and also like as if there’s no way in.

Am I alive?

Or am I dreaming?

“Shhh… you’re…

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Je Ne Sais Pas

John Jr's Blog

File:Mr pipo Learning and forgetting.svg Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night my sleep and dreams got interrupted several times, I remember getting too hot because of the heaters, and so that disturbed my sleep and dreams until I was able to cool down enough to go back to sleep.

I was possibly awakened at least once by someone because they said that I was snoring, and I woke up to use the bathroom during the night at least once.

These combined interruptions and going to bed late led to me forgetting most of my dreams from last night.

At this time the only thing that I can remember of my dreams is there was maybe something involving a woman, and that I remember hearing the song Je Ne Sais Pas by the musician Dumas from the album Le Cours Des Jours.

I remember hearing the female voice singing the chorus:

Oui, mais moi

Je n’sais…

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This is the New Day!


In the cool of the morning dawning I hear the charming missive:
This is the new day as each day is new but less than some few,
For there is only one new day each day along the way of this life,
And the new brings true opportunity for another breakthrough,
And the call goes forth to stand tall and seize this opportunity
With impunity and immunity from mistakes and future stakes;
So dawns the new day with the sun rising with his many prizes
For those who’ve been told the secret and are bold to take hold!
So fare-thee-well to peaceful night and welcome to bright light;
This is the new day without blight or fright . . .
And with this morning, all mourning has gone!

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