Dreaming awake…

The Freedom of Choices

I seriously hate having dreams. When I don’t dream, I have a good night’s sleep. When I wake up remembering a dream, I feel completely drained. Why in the world have I been dreaming so much these past few months? Has me frustrated as all hell. Feeling lethargic seems normal now. And that’s not me. I have my occasional days, maybe a week of feeling blah but it’s not the norm. My body isn’t very happy lately. My mind, still runs but I can’t seem to stay entirely focused 😥

My dreams have been so random that I kinda gave up on what the universe is trying to tell me. Attempting to try to make sense of it all is exhausting. It’s nice to not have to think. I had to re-subscribe to Netflix. I need a freaken outlet from this chaotic brain of mine every now and then. Netflix…

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This Dream

Max or Not

i awaken
to words of kindness

from friends
and strangers alike

but there is nothing
strange about this pain
that we share

this bridge
we have all built

through the sorrows
of our time

grants us more
than a fleeting respite

as we gain
the understanding
that none are alone

that every struggle
affects us all

that our face is seen
our voice is heard
our truths, known

it is only in togetherness
do we stand
to court the hand
that bears the gift
of the morrow’s ingress

know, my friends
there are no strangers
among us

let us walk bravely
into vales
of unknown consequence

for love
shall harbor no secret

when its light
has finally shone

to guide us home

so it is, was
and shall ever be

this dream
e’er haunts humanity

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Star Fish

Mystical Muse


So ready for your dreams and sweetness…share with me what is inside of your head…what is flowing? You possess innate knowing and I feel it…Looking towards the stars and Eye see you, coming out to shine. The secrets you share will be yours and mine, thank you for trusting me to keep them. I love the twinkle behind your magical eyes; you truly are an ethereal prize, to be treasured and loved. Pisces, the sign that is always between two worlds…the artist who will never even begin to explain their work, because it is deeper than them. An abyss of wonder, magic and many lifetimes…genuine old souls with beautiful spirits; Star Fish.

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A History of Sleep



Although sleep is one of the few shared activities common to all humanity, it is also the most private. What we experience during our sleeping hours is untranslatable during the daylight.

The way we sleep depends upon time and place, especially latitude. The view depicting in movies of our prehistoric ancestors huddled together for warmth and safety from predators in the communal cave as soon as the sun set is probably not far from the markas the same basic pattern can be found, in a more sophisticated fashion,in Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlements, where all members of the clan would sleep on a raised parapet above a sunken, blazing fire in the Great Hall of a powerful chieftain, who would nevertheless sleep amongst his subjects. In the fortified keeps and castles of the later medieval period in Ireland and Britain elements of social stratification can be seen as now the presiding…

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Dream State

The Collective Corner

Waking up is hard to do.

That feeling that is clinging to you when you wake up, that important message almost received or received, a notion that you definitely traveled elsewhere, yes that was me this morning. I do not remember anything except how I felt when I woke up, which I explain below.

It was important, like a meeting with the higher ups, the boss men. The energy of the area the people around me, it all felt so important and in spiritual nature. The feeling of being with council and deliberating over important matters. It was SERIOUS, …and HELL I can’t remember anything, Grrrrr, only the feeling, and trying to interpret meaning into words, especially dream feelings, can be tough.

No alarm tomorrow morning, so maybe I will get to go back and finish.

Janelle Elle – in dream diary status. lol


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