A vision of a hero

Recognize, Realize, Reflect

A long time ago, I think when I dreamed big, I felt like I had visions of the future.  Of course, I didn’t think visions of the future could ever exist.  I only thought and viewed situations differently.  It would always be in my dreams so if I remember it, I would tell stories to my friends.

Well, the thing is, in my dreams, I would be some sort of mind master, confident, ambitious and optimistic.  I felt like I could be anything.  A movie star, or a celebrity where my goal was to meet Vanessa Hudgens.  Because you know, High School Musical! Or I could be an owner that adopted many puppies, and all animals would live in a shed.  Both situations, I omitted the hardships and straining factors of being a reality.

I did vision myself to do great things; like find a cure to a disease or…

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