A vision of a hero

Recognize, Realize, Reflect

A long time ago, I think when I dreamed big, I felt like I had visions of the future.  Of course, I didn’t think visions of the future could ever exist.  I only thought and viewed situations differently.  It would always be in my dreams so if I remember it, I would tell stories to my friends.

Well, the thing is, in my dreams, I would be some sort of mind master, confident, ambitious and optimistic.  I felt like I could be anything.  A movie star, or a celebrity where my goal was to meet Vanessa Hudgens.  Because you know, High School Musical! Or I could be an owner that adopted many puppies, and all animals would live in a shed.  Both situations, I omitted the hardships and straining factors of being a reality.

I did vision myself to do great things; like find a cure to a disease or…

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You can see if Dreams is your sorta game with a new demo | Destructoid — Flag of Ulysses

You’ve probably seen the rave reviews for Dreams – it’s one of the highest-rated video games of 2020, according to Metacritic – but is right for you? Do you have that artistic drive? And if you don’t, are the user-made games enough to justify buying into the experience? Now you can find out first-hand. Media […]

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Preventing A Dog Attack And Fiona Apple

John Jr's Blog

I remembered barely part of several dreams, I failed to record all of them except for part of one dream, and so now my other dreams are forgotten now unfortunately except that I know that Fiona Apple was in one of them.

Fiona Apple was also in the only dream that I did record part of, the very end of this dream took place inside a building, mostly along a hallway that had an arcade along it.

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The Journey Continues – Entering the World of Dreams — Journey to the Center of the Mind

Do you remember your dreams? It’s said that, even if you don’t, we all dream. It’s one of the ways our minds sort through the days events, trying to make some sense of them. There are times they seem so real, we wake up wondering where we are and/or where we’ve been. Other times, they […]

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Return To Field of Dreams

Dracul Van Helsing

Return To Field of Dreams

Marcus Shimbiro had a dream
When as an 8-year-old boy 
he left his native Kenya
For the U.S.
He wanted to become a baseball player someday 
He did excel at sports and particularly at baseball 
In high school, he was hitting home runs 
The same way he downed ice cream cones
with a vengeance 

But then came that fateful day 
He fell off his neighbour’s roof 
While helping him paint it
And broke his arm and his leg 

His arm and leg eventually healed of course 
But he was not the same player ever again
He could no longer run
Or hit a home run.

Angry and bitter a few weeks before graduation
He borrowed a friend’s car and headed for Iowa
Why Iowa?
Because it was the home state of the Field of Dreams
That famous 1989 sports fantasy movie with Kevin Costner and…

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April WIP Writing Challenge: The Temporary Insanity of Our Empty Streets

Channeling dream content is OK, right?

Didi Oviatt -Author

Well, bloggers/writers, this month’s WIP Writing Challenge prompt is kind of a no brainer! I wanted to stick true to the chaos in the world right now, because we’re all stuck fighting a global pandemic, so clearly our Work In Progress characters are being affected in one way or another. Not only that, but as much as we want to use reading and writing as an escape from our current circumstances, which vary depending on our physical location on this pained planet Earth, we also want to shout our opinions from the rooftops!

I don’t want to hear of sickness and dying from the virus, because it’s real, and it’s too sad, and it’s scary AF!! But, if we want to shout out our daily insanities during a time of isolation, then why can’t our characters too? At first, I was torn between the prompts, ‘temporary insanity’…

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