Honey (The Sex Dream)

Actually, I have very few “sex dreams.”  And, I almost never have one about a celebrity.

This one was about a B-List actress whose name I do not know but face I recognized.  She vaguely reminded me of Anne Francis (whom I have always thought was quite beautiful.  RIP, Anne).

We were in a cool setting, like the cool of the evening in the summer that simply has not existed in Dallas in years.  This was in a more hilly kind of setting, perhaps Nashville or somewhere like that.  (Hayden, from both “Heroes” and “Nashville” was not the star of this dream, but she could have been.  I really like her, too.)

The woman in question was a blonde, perhaps a blue-eyed blonde.  Her face was a bit angular, but she was still pretty.  And, she was very, very “girl next door” in a thin sun-dress that was just too sexy.

Anyway, we were at some kind of garden party, and we started talking.  I cannot remember what we talked about, and I do not think it mattered.  She gave me a smile which I interpreted to be a “come hither” look.  Needless to say, I awoke before any meaningful fun could happen.

After I woke up, even though the celeb was someone OTHER than Anne Francis, I could not help but think of her.  I did a little research, and found “Honey West.”  For some reason, the name “Honey” was in the dream. 

Not sure what this dream means, either.  (But, I bet someone will comment! 🙂 )