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Ok so this dream is a couple of weeks old but I thought I would post it as a little update because it keeps popping into my head. I was in some kind of police station to start with and for some reason I went into the toilet and there were 3 cute bear cubs just playing and then I opened one of the toilet cubicles and there was the mother bear, so of course I ran out of a side entrance and stood at the back door at what now just looked like a school hall.  The other side of which was another glass door.  Suddenly from my vantage point, looking in through the first glass door, seeing across the hall to the other glass door, I could see a lion about to pounce on a man.  I stood there shouting and pounding on the door trying to get…

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7 Reasons to Record Your Dreams | Wake Up World

Sanctuary of Horus Behdety

The dream state is much more complex than you might imagine. When entering that quantum state during dreamtime, most of the time our dreams appear symbolically. Recording our dreams each night will open up a whole new understanding of the amazing world we encounter each night in our dreamtime. By Guest Writer Tom T. Moore

Source: 7 Reasons to Record Your Dreams | Wake Up World

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Dreams and Reality

Where is my mind

One night, the rabbit sleeping in its burrow started sensing low amplitude howls. At first, the rabbit ignored those sounds and tried to sleep. Howls intensified. The rabbit decided to go check out from where those sounds came from.

He(Rabbit) saw a baby wolf abandoned. Not sure to approach with the fear of getting hurt or to stay away, he stepped up despite the warnings from his friends. Helped the baby wolf find a shelter with his friends help.

Baby is still blind and deaf. Rabbit sensed a hint of hunger in its howls.

As the baby wolf didnt develop tastebuds and in hunger, ate the food rabbit gave him.

With each passing day, Rabbit struck an emotional connect with the wolf and treated him a friend.

Rabbit had a dream.

To see the meadow they were living from the mountain cap.

Due to its sensitive fluffy body and its incompetence…

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Hallowe’en Movie #7: A Nightmare on Elm Street


A Nightmare on Elm Street film poster

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a movie that many of you have already seen. I only saw it recently, as the seventh horror film for this month. Growing up, I was always interested in horror, but slasher films did not interest me very much. I saw all of the sequels, the gore, and the “guy-with-a-mask-and-knife” monsters as boring, uninteresting, and inherently flawed due to clinging to tropes and consumerism.

In the last few years, I have heard a lot of praise for some of these films from friends. Sleepaway CampThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors have been recommended to me at some point in time. I became interested in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre especially for its odd “end of the world in yr own backyard” setting. The vegetarian and anti-progress narrative…

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More dream weirdness

Blackbirds At Night

I seem to just keep having bizarre dreams lately.  The one last night was very strange.  I’m not entirely sure it was ‘just a dream.’  It could have been some kind of visitation by a being, or I could have even gotten myself into a pickle out in the astral.  At any rate, this might get a little long, and there may be some triggery spots for folks.  I’ll mark those with stars so they can be avoided.  *cracks knuckles*  Here goes…

The dream took place in a small studio apartment that belonged to a dream-friend of mine.  (She was my friend in this dream, but I have no one like her in my life in the waking world.)  She looked exactly like Kaley Cuoco (Penny from Big Bang Theory).  The apartment was attached to the living room of a family home.  The wooden house was painted white, and a…

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My Dream Journal

I was standing in a parking lot with lots of other people when all of a sudden gunshots started coming from the top floor apartments nearby. One of them was mine, but no one was shooting from there. I hid behind cars and other objects.

I could smell blood in the air. I debated calling the police because I figured someone had already called.

The police arrived but there seemingly weren’t enough for such a dire situation.

When the coast was clear I walked back to my apartment. I was scared that maybe someone might be still be in the apartments nearby, or even mine, but no one was.

Lisa came over and she had a necklace embedded in her skin. I tried to give her suggestions about how to remove it but she didn’t seem to worried.

Then Zain came over and he was trying to be all sexy…

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Twilight Walks

An Armchair Perfectionist


A sliver of pearl traverses the night

Bumping into scintillating stars

Sleep eludes and thoughts soar up

Wrapping dreams like a blanket


To lie back on the curve of the moon

Leisurely fish for errant asteroids

Loop a rope around a comet and

Stumble upon an outrageous galaxy


Hike back to earth on a meteor shower

Fall into a luxuriant canopy of grass

Rinse feet in the cold bustling stream

Dig toes into the sifting oozing sand


A golden lace of sunshine threading

Patchwork quilts of carnations and daisies

Silver drops perch atop the glossy leaves

Feathers of dandelions narrate faraway tales


Stories familiar of concrete and clocks

Of life that forgets the beauty of dawn

Don’t want to leave this secret meadow

And wake up to begin living yet again.

Deadlines, meetings and doctor visits have made me want to run away. Dreaming is my one and only outlet. I needed Open…

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Dylaninportalfred's Blog

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What gets you up in the morning? What drives you? Everyone likes to bandy about fancy words and quotes from the latest motivational books.  How often do you hear thing like: “Ahhh bru, you must follow your passion.” “A life not lived is a life wasted.” “Dream big and live the life of your dreams.”  “Stay positive man.” I can hear myself saying these things.

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