Grand Dreams: Dreamwork by the Author of Grand Trines

Chances are that you found your way here from an astrology blog called “Grand Trines.”  If so, welcome.  If not, welcome.

The first dream is called “Rebuilding the Altar.”  It was a dream consequent to a long nap.

The dream was simple.  I was in an old apartment from long ago, one that I actually lived in at one time.  (In real life, that apartment was razed, or destroyed, to make way for newer construction.)  It had been hand built, and it had exposed beams in what some call a “cathedral ceiling.”

In it, I found it necessary to clear a surface that had become cluttered.  After clearing the clutter, I began to organize the items, keeping some and discarding others.  And, as I did this, I came to realize that I was building an altar at which my dreams could be manifested into reality.