Staying Too Late and Old Sweethearts Lost

First, a general note: as I work on this blog, my recall of various dreams is becoming more clear, and I am beginning to recover multiple dreams.  Three captured this time:

(1) Seeing through the eyes of a young person, a college aged or adolescent male who stays too late (and does not realize it is time to leave); had a dream within a dream: Paul Drake does not realize he is not supposed to be at the meeting in the conference room with Perry (Mason) and Della (Street)  (Most of my dreams are in color, but this one was in black and white, just like the 1960’s television show.  Also: a local TV channel runs those old shows here in DFW.)

(2) Living in an old-fashioned boarding house (clean and elegant but a bit austere) and leaving to go to a convenience store to use the pay phone; long and somewhat arduous walk uphill along a manicured boulevard set in a sleepy college town.  This dream captured a strong sense of impermanence: everything in life is temporary and fleeting.  After this dream, having a cell phone seems like quite the luxury that it really is.  (I might also add that this dream could have been from long ago, possibly the 1960’s or earlier.  If so, then through someone else’s eyes.)

(3) Continuation of #2 Found Royal Blue pouch in room that had info (and a postcard) about an old sweetheart from many years ago.  [I have such a pouch “in real life,” but it merely contains pens & such.]

Apparently, in the dream, she has fallen on hard times and is living somewhere in a shelter in New Jersey (Name of town started with an M.  Possibly Montclair or Montford.)  In the dream, she drifts from state to state and from battered women’s shelter to shelter.  Essentially homeless (and going from bad relationships to worse ones), she will likely never find her way.

I felt a profound sense of gratitude for my home and my life upon awakening.  (Things can always be worse.)  As some people say: “but for the grace of God, there go I.”

I see several themes in these dreams:

(1) Impermanence: Life is short, and we must learn to fully experience the day.

(2) Release: Sometimes we must intentionally release or let go.

(3) Gratitude: As part of #1 and #2, being grateful for the gifts we have helps us to more fully experience what which we have.