“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.”

Chase the Shadows

“Eww, you read romance? You know that’s, like, so not accurate, right?”
“Why do you read fantasy? It’s all fake. None of that happens. Why don’t you read nonfiction?”
“Oh, you read science fiction? That’s like all futuristic stuff, isn’t it? Why don’t you focus on the present and maybe do something useful instead of reading about what probably never will happen?”
“Oh, you write about all of these things, too? Writing isn’t really a real career path, you know. Unless you become like J.K. Rowling, you won’t make enough to live off it.”


There’s hate out there for every hobby, regardless of how popular it is or isn’t. You can’t go anywhere, looking any way, with anyone, doing anything, without having at least one person critically judge you. It’s just how life works.
Reading and writing, from what I’ve learned over the years, are among the most judged…

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