The Panic Room

Dreamed I had a home office similar to where I usually do my computing.  However, the room was larger, and had a door at one end.  The door was covered up with items like a coat rack.  I had never used the door or peered into it.

Somehow, someone (a group of younger people) came along to “help” me “reorganize” my office.  To be sure, it was a mess, but they made it worse.  In the process, they uncovered the door at the end.

Some people showed up how seemed to be Federal agents in suits.  They claimed that I had a panic room in my house, and they wanted to look inside.  The door, heavy steel, was nearly impenetrable but they somehow entered.

Inside was a control room with video monitors, some of which no longer had a signal.  One or two saw the outside of my residence.  The place was dusty, and it looked like no one had been inside for 10 to 20 years.

Apparently the Feds did not find what they were looking for, and they lost interest and left.  They gave me some version of the “we will be watching you” speech which did not endear them to me.  But, now I had access to the room (as well as the ability to lock it), and I never knew I had that ability before.

(Now, to clean up my office!)