Conventions, Legal Books, and Guns

In this very strange dream, I was a lawyer.  But, I was not a typical lawyer.  I was something more like a law school professor, and I was in a rather large room full of lawyers, maybe some kind of lawyer convention.

All the the rest of the lawyers were very chic in their appearance, and I fit in about like Jack Black would at a convention of super-models.  I was trying to “lay low,” but it was difficult.

Suddenly, someone started giving away books.  I really needed them for my (professorial?) work, but I was having difficult competing for them.  In the end, I got a few but needed more.

Then things became truly weird.  Someone started giving away guns, mostly rifles.  I decided to try to get my share of those, too, but that was even more difficult.  And, I was not sure why I wanted a rifle.  I think, really, I was just competing because the others were.