When is a deal not a deal?

Dreamed that I started a school teaching something (“wisdom”) in an old hardware store in a rural setting.  The students that showed loved the classes, but few showed because the setting was so remote.

I had chosen the location because “I got a deal on it.”  But, depending on my goal, maybe a different (more expensive) location might have suited my needs better.  If one is at least “breaking even,” then it depends upon one’s goals which choices are made, I suppose.

Reminds me of a special I saw on kites and kite building in which one kite builder addressed the issue of the business.  He explained that his hobby business broke even each year, and that meant either one of two things: (1) he had a hobby that paid for itself, or (2) he had a business that did not make a profit.


Psychology at the Karate School

Dreamed that I was a professor of Psychology, and I decided to train at a traditional (either Japanese or Okinawan) Karate school.  The teacher was a thin old man and was very tough.  Not only did he teach Karate, but I suspect that he’d been in more than his fair share of bar fights.

As the lessons progressed, both the students and the teacher became interested in my background in psychology.  Eventually, in collaboration with the teacher, I developed a psychology course for the Karate school.  Essentially, it was a course in the psychology of conflict.